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I went to the Sudbury SallyBeauty outlet on Friday November 22nd looking to purchase the Miracurl iron. I was told they were out but were expecting a shipment with six of them on Tuesday, Nov.

26 and that I could call and purchase one over the phone via Mastercard. I was told to call between 12-4, preferably around 2. I called at 1:30...shipment had just arrived. Was told to call back at 2.

I called back at 2. The clerk was very rude and said I would have to call back as she was the only one in the store. I called back at 2:50 and was told all hair curlers were sold. I was furious as I was under the assumption that one was put aside for me as I showed a clear interest in purchasing one.

The girl then proceeded to tell me that I couldn't purchase one without going on ...I proceeded to tell me that the clerk on Friday told me that that was fine. Who am I suppose to believe. I am very upset as this was a Christmas gift. I have never dealt with such rudeness and I will surely let my friends know of the kind of service to expect should they ever contemplate on shopping there.

I am to say the least, a very disappointed ex-customer.

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No retail establishment that I have EVER worked for has EVER permitted a credit card purchase for an item via telephone! EVER!

Someone most definitely misinformed you there... you have to have the card present and signed at physical time of purchase.

If card is not signed, and valid photo ID is not presented for identity protection purposes, they have the right to refuse your purchase for your protection and theirs. This is commonplace practice anywhere that you do not swipe your own card on your side of the cash wrap counter!!!!

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