Wow! Some of these reviews I couldn't have said better myself !

Amazing! Now, if only every *** customer that shops at Sally's could just read this..

Something needs to happen with this company and fast.

I cannot even begin to tell you the stories about working for Sally's.

I did get to the point where I couldn't even fake a smile.. Sally's takes your soul!

I was miserable. It is unethical and down right illegal with that they do to their employees. Upper management does not care enough to take employee complaints seriously. They only care about customers, and even then that statement is a stretch. Nothing will ever be done if you have an issue. The only reason I stayed so long was because I LOVED the other girls I worked with (this does not include the managers).

To name a few major instances, we had our manager have her friend come in and spy on us. She put in a fake customer complaint and made us sign a written warning.

After a bit of my own detective work, I found out this customer was made up, the story didn't add up and we all refused to sign the write up. It was never mentioned again once I confirmed with the manager directly that they made up a situation to get us one step closer to being able to let us all go.

They threaten your job on the daily, even if its a customer complaint about how we locked the door one minute before closing time.

They fired two of our employees without cause.

They assumed all the store issues were because of us, turns out our old manager was stealing time from the company, lying about hours, threatening employees, making up stories and harassing customers. Even after multiple customer complaints and all five employee written complaints sent to hr, she was still allowed back after sick leave.

How IN GODS NAME can a manager.. be proven to have stolen time from the company and still be let back ?! Yet, we can get a *** customer complaint and get our jobs threatened.. or in my coworkers case, do nothing wrong and get fired? I will never understand how this company is still afloat.

It is absolutely insane some of their requirements for employees, we get paid minimum wage to be treated like *** by customers.

So when you come into Sally's and you don't get one on one attention about friggen conditioner and you have the time to complain, because the worst thing in your life is an issue with beauty supplies.. if that is your biggest concern in life.. you have it pretty *** good. A lot better than the poor abused employees working in that *** hole. Also, lets be real.. everything in that place is not a life or death NEED. We are not a hospital, a pharmacy or a grocery store. It is BEAUTY SUPPLIES!!!!!!! Seriously calm yourselves. That hair color will be in stock tomorrow and the next day. If we are out of stock of a nail polish, life will in fact... go on!

If I even began to tell you some of the complaints we have gotten you would all stop your whining and actually have some compassion for what we have to deal with. Customers have made me cry, asked me to replace their bathtub because they stained it with hair dye, I have had a child drink hydrogen peroxide off the shelf because the mother wasn't paying attention and blamed me, had kids shatter nail polish all over the store and all over my clothes.

Customers will complain about EVERYTHING. -- you opened one minute after opening time.. you didn't tell me which nail polish color to get. Seriously? That's a personal choice.. the complaints are almost so ridiculous they are funny. Except when you get threatened by your manager after for something you did not do. Please people, don't exaggerate what happens or blame it on racism (we get that a lot) or whatever you would like to think it is. You are messing around with other peoples lives, jobs and the punishment they will have to face because you need to be baby sat while shopping for a *** curling iron. We are there to HELP! Not to be talked down to, know every ingredient in every product of all the thousands in the store and also, big one, we are NOT ALLOWED to tell you step by step instructions on how to color your hair at home because then we become LIABLE! We can make suggestions, we can advice against things (my favorite is the girl with black hair wanting to be bleach blond in one shot).

My coworker found out her husband was cheating on her and was crying in the backroom. A woman called and complained to a DM that "she was trying to shop for shampoo in peace and the noise of her crying in the backroom was distracting and it wasn't a good shopping experience" I'm sorry but *** YOU! Disgusting. If she only knew.. as if the employee needed a customer complaint along with everything else in her life going wrong. Guess what? There are bigger things in life than beauty supplies and a retail store. Like I said.. must be nice to have your only issue be peacefully and silently shopping for shampoo on your Wednesday afternoon. get a *** life.

I will not get in to the treatment of employees by management because it will take hours and lets just say I have had to go to the labor board, HR and head office for some issues and I was not the only one. As I am sure you can guess.. nothing was done about it.

Just please for the love of god be mindful of what you are complaining about, if its worth making the lives of sally employees even worse. I PROMISE you.. you have NO IDEA how horrible it is to work their until you have worked for this joke of a company yourself! This is not even the tip of the iceberg. I worked there for almost four years and the things I have listed were only things that had happened in the last month or two of my employment with the company.

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The manager at the Hamburg NY store is a gossip queen, & talks about her employees behind their backs constantly. She is petty, pushy & rude. Some of the employees there are great girls, but one in particular (with really short hair) always seems to be in another world day dreaming, stumbles her words, & always seems to be on the *** of crying when it comes to customer interactions.


It makes me so upset to read what everyone goes through with this company. I myself am a manager and I can’t even imagine treating my girls in this way.

I had to call employee services today because another manager (she’s in the same district) has caused such a bad turnover in my store that I think I’m the 4th manager in 4 years! My girls are staying ONLY cause of me and I hate that they feel such turmoil about it. I don’t understand why NOTHING is being done!!!! The gossip and the drama isn’t to be tolerated yet this one manager CONSTANTLY gets by with it?!?!?

How is that fair???

Any advice??? I’m assuming that the employee services isn’t going to do jack about it, am I right?


I just got terminated bc i was given the choice between my sick child (which they knew when hiring me) & my job. My son needed to take him to the hospital & was terminated. & everything that was said in this post is so accurate!


Did someone write this about the sally store I worked at!?! Exact same issues!!


Could have been me. I worked for them for only a month...and ran.

Worst company to work for. Manager was a manipulating lier.

Complained to district manager and nothing was ever done. Didn't even get a reply acknowledging my complaints.

to Gretchin #1518711

What district did y ou work in..who was the DM?


I worked for them for one day and it was my orientation. I was lied to within minutes of clocking in.

So fortunately for me I just wanted a part time job, and I won't be returning on Friday. Not a good place to work unless you get your hours and work days you agreed to in writing.

Which will never happen. Lol.


I was reading this and I swear it sounded like my coworker talking about our sally store. We have the same issues. MANAGEMENT SUCKS at sally beauty supply, they literally do not care about employees.

Woodstock, Georgia, United States #1267354

Wow I could have wrote this. I just left sally for good.

The Manger went and changed my time she took away 2 full days so I would not get paid. Called me a lair and rasits ..

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1254728

I swear if I didn't look at what state this was posted from I would have thought you were a former coworker at the one I currently work at. Iam having the same all over issues!

Same story with the manager stealing time. I also have issues with being harassed by a new hire. It finally took me being screamed at and threatened from a new hire for my boss to come back to the store to do something about it. As the new hire was screaming at me I called my manager and held the phone not saying a word so my manager could hear everything that this new employee was screaming at me.

My dm is also the rudest of them all. Iam done and iam taking a stand! Iam documenting everything that goes on.

From harassment, to me being in the system as 25 hours when iam actually going into overtime every week, and the rude things that my manager and dm say as well as the fact that they smoke in the back room as well as the bathroom around hazardous chemicals. A former employee contacted osha and osha said it's not their place or problem to take action.


I was recently terminated by Sally beauty supply and equipment, due to a unfortunate shoulder surgery so I was out on a LOA due to the rotator cup being very difficult to heal I had to have another procedure done to my shoulder. Which means I had to extend my loa but after over 7 years of experience and busting my ***! Sally's Beauty Supply wouldn't extend my loa, and terminated my employment!


I've always wanted to work for Sally's now that I am working at Sallys I am so miserable the customers are rude to you if you don't make your numbers you get written up and when I mean numbers if you don't get your average sale, if you don't sell any of your ioms, you're Epp, Beauty Club cards, or if you have too many exchanges or refunds all of that can lead you to being terminated. Most people think it's so easy working for Sally's but there's a lot expected of you for such little.

I feel that is one of the reasons why Sallys cant keep their employees half the time. If any of you read this and decide to wirk for Sallys you will know what I am talking about.

to Anonymous Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1201251

Sallys dont like to pay their employees what they deserve for all that is expected of them. Sallys is a bad place to work for unless you live with your parents and have no bills, its not a fun place to work at all you will get fed up within a month.


Thank you for writing this comment. It's 100% truthful.


I agree with all she said. Customers are such retards and so is management.


Its horrible the way they treat there employees .. constant threats of being fired..

no job stability and managers who abuse there jobs.. favoritism runs rapid through sallys. When we were hired we were told if we couldn't talk to our mangers you could go to the dm or hr but when you do it ends up getting back to the manager. A lady i worked with called the dm about her hours and said its not fair she was going from 30 hrs to 15 hrs a week and asked why she wasn't given an explanation as of why but instead was shamed for asking the question ..

and couldn't even return to work.. as for the customers i always try my best with them. .

But realize people their getting pAid min. Wage and they have a lot of hard work to do.


Did we work at the same location? Ha!

My district manager would go to the nail salon next door on company time, with my store manager, for mani/pedis. My sm and dm would take 3 hours paid lunch to spy on the dm's boyfriend. The DM would allow her daughter to come in and take product from the shelf without paying. All of the old products that were supposed to be donated, went into my district managers storage unit.

She had racks and boxes of polish and treatments and haircolor. She lied on her application about having a felony record. Somehow she made it up the chain by lying and firing anyone that threatened to expose her. I got the race card pulled multiple times especially when it came to theft.

I would stop someone and ask for the stolen item back. And they would say that I picked them out based on race. I would explain that its not about race its about the mirrored ceiling tiles and I watched you put it in your purse!!!

I hated that place, and I'm a better person now that I'm done. Thanks for reading.


If something illegal is happening to you, file a lawsuit or find another job. Most of the employees at this store are rude and incredibly mean to customers, and it is not the customer's duty to think about why Sally's employees are treating them so rudely (nor is it an excuse!).

to Anonymous Moline, Illinois, United States #1227792

It's not an excuse no. But when your employer is making your life a living *** and the mistreatment is so terrible....

It's hard sometimes to brush that off, pretending that it's not eating you alive and put on a fake smile for every customer.

You don't know unless you go through it! Sally beauty turns its employees into angry people.

to Anonymous #1457583

That is right on point!!!

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