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Issue: On 6.25.16, I purchased Semi Permanent Hair color, Blck by Silk Elements for $4.49 and 2- Silk Elements Megasilk pckg for 99 cents a piece.I also purchased some OPI nail polish for $9.99 and ION Summer spray for $3.99.

I returned the OPI nail polish back to the Grand Prairie Sally Beauty Store #3712 and to my surprise the representative at the counter reviewed my receipt and said the Waxahachie store did not give you what was due to you. I said and what was that. The semi-permanent hair color was buy 1 and get 1 for free as well as the Silk Elements conditioner pkg.

Result: 1) I called the store and was told to bring my receipt in. 2) When I got to the Waxahachie store, the Manager Trinity looked at the Sales book and checked other books and basically said I don't see where this was buy 1 and the other free.

The cashier interrupted and said I know for a fact the Silk Elements semi color was buy 1 and get 1 for free the entire month of June. The Manager told me to wait while she called her District Manager. This took an additional 20 more minutes to confirm the $4.99 and 99 cents items. I asked the cashier to please have the Manager bring back my receipt so that I can leave.

When she returned, the manager advised I can only give you the color and not the 99 cents pkg per my District Manager. So I told her if you cannot honor my receipt in its entirety than I don't want any of it. Its evident the Manager had no clue of what items were on sale nor the working knowledge of customer service. There were no postings of sale signs within the store as the Grand Prairie location so you have to ask yourself how many customers for the month of June did not get the additional sale items.

I am a Service Executive for AT&T and is very familiar with the Sally's account. It really disturbs me that the Manager AND District Manager did not make a judgment call on a 99 cent item as if I was asking for a item for $99.00. Her professionalism was very poor, and simply had no regards of my proof or receipt.

Coaching Opportunities: My role within AT&T is to ensure we meet and exceed our Corporate customer expectations and if we don't, I will do everything possible to "make it right. In turn, I would like the same courtesy.

Not giving the customer like myself the 99 cent conditioner is simply sad and rude as a Manager. Shame on the District Manager for coaching Trinity to be an unsuccessful Manager. Thanks for your time and I can assure you, the Waxahachie Beauty Supply store # 3353 will never see my presence again and not for the items, but merely for the poor customer service I received in the store. Please take lessons from the Grand Prairie store #3712 on how to have working knowledge of products AND provide unsurpassed customer service in the end.

I look forward to a call back or e-mail.Have a great day!

This reviewer shared experience about problems with payment and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Sally Beauty Supply and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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It seems to be a common practice for most Sally's stores.I have tried shopping in numerous stores trying to give the company the benefit of the doubt, but have just come to realize that customer service is not one of their strong suits.

And to the anonymous writer...Seriously?

Enough customers with the same impression as I and that of the woman who wrote this comment will bring this business' bottom line to the ground.As a customer you will no longer have a place to shop at and as an employee, good luck finding a job with that attitude.

Westbank, British Columbia, Canada #1198727

Seriously. It was 99 cents. Get over it.

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