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Sally beauty in Houston tx 10904 westheimer...... Very bad customer service some guy that obviously just started working there, I have always shopped at this Sally's, never seen him before, has a built-in attitude, very rude, I asked him about a setting lotion for extensions he rudely walked away to get the girl at the register to help me, who was an African-American, as I am also.

She was busy ringing customers he clearly didn't care, he was an Hispanic, clearly he felt he couldn't help me because im black and needed help with a product for extensions, stereotyping clearly he walks off and proceeds to help some Hispanic ladies and im in shock, like its 2016 really and all kinds of women wear extensions ,on top of this a man comes in clearly he is ***, he makes a sexual remark towards the man because clearly he is *** also but the man has no clue but this guy is supposed to be at work, I find out from another worker upon asking to speak with an manager that he is the manager. I say ok thank you. Not only was he rude and discriminatory and disrespectful towards another employee but making sexual comments to a customer while working should be immediate termination.

If the customer heard him this could clearly be a lawsuit. I will never shop here never.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sally Beauty Supply Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Funny you call someone else racist and accuse them of sterotyping. Then you turn around and do both of those things yourself!


You are African-American? Well, what country in Africa are you from?

Did you know that real Africans really resent black Americans calling themselves African-Americans?! So, unless you were born in an African country, you need to knock that off.


So the new employee, who apparently didn't know the answer to what you were seeking, asked another associate to help you and you scream RACISM? FFS!!!

Really? And then you further trash him in an unreasonable manner because he proceeded to try to help another customer.

In other words, this NEW employee was doing his freakin' job!!!! You've got a major chip on your shoulder and you need to get it sorted out before you post anymore nonsense online.

Buffalo, New York, United States #1215710

First of all you probably walked in the store with an attitude. If the sales associate was new he was learning and wanted to get you the help you needed; what's wrong with asking his associate for help, or to help you?

You're a racist, only people like you think like you do. You're a sad excuse for a human, shame on you for coming into a store and taking your nastiness out on unsuspecting workers who don't get paid enough to have to help people like you with your bad racist attitude against white people.

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