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I'm a former employee of this company. I left a supervisory job under the impression I was being hired for an assistant manager position as that was the ad I was responding to (A sign was posted on the store window asking for "Store managers and Assistant managers"). I even listed it on my application as the job I was after. I went through the customary 2 interviews, one with the store manager and another with the district manager and was hired.

Good, right?


After about 3 weeks of mandatory associate training to learn the ins and outs (which was fine), it was becoming clear to me that they had no intention of making me assistant manager. So, I asked about it. Apparently, I was "auditioning for the job" even though on my resume it showed I was clearly qualified with about 15 years retail experience, about 6 in cosmetics and 3 as a supervisor. I had also gone to college. Also, the ad I answered asked for managers...not associates with the possibly of moving up someday if you kissed enough butt.

After weeks, now 2 months, of toiling away, determined to "make the cut", again, it became clear I wasn't going to be given the job I applied for. I found out in the meantime the position was given to an 18 year old coworker...with no management experience...and had only been with the company a few months...

To say I was insulted was an understatement as I am about 15 years older than this girl and she was now given authority to boss others around with her newly inflated ego about her new position. I have no problem with another qualified employee getting that job and I don't care if they are younger, but she literally sits and lays on the floor when it's slow and watches YouTube on her phone, paints her nails, uses our irons to straighten her hair, takes naps on the floor in the stockroom blanket and pillow and all!

But there I was, supposed to take her new position and this company seriously. I lost all motivation and from then on it was just a paycheck. Just a job. I stopped caring. This company, I feel, did me wrong.

So long story short, when you apply here, clarify what job you are applying for and what their process is to getting it if it's not one you walk into. Go over the wording of any ad you respond to of theirs as the ad I answered did not warn of trail periods and "auditioning".

Better yet...just don't apply here. I could go on about the mistreatment of employees and their ethics but this would literally turn into a novel and a sad one at that.

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