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I went to Sally's Beauty supply located on County Rd B in Roseville, Mn on Friday August 25, 2017. I picked my 14 yr old daughter up after work that evening and took her school shopping.

I needed some hair products which I've always gotten from this particular Sally's location. There were new workers that I'd never seen before. However, we walked in and the girl came to the front with a mean look on her face. Just watching me and my daughter like we're about to steal something.

Then she called security and he came in watching us. I was so offended that I put the item back and left the store. Very uncomfortable and extremely disturbing. I couldn't confront the two of them because again...I had my teenage daughter with me.

The next day Saturday 8/26/17 I went back to the store location to confirm the actions of these people and speak with a manager. I sat in my car sat in my car for a while having a phone conversation before entering the store. The employees in the store saw my car and immediately called security before I even entered the store. The security car came speeding up behind my car with flashing lights and a siron on.

Two officers exited the vehicle. A third officer walked up from a second vehicle. They looked at me and said nothing, then two officers left and the one guard from the night before stayed. I entered the store and the two workers and the guard was watching me.

I asked the young lady ,standing there looking like I didn't belong there, where was the store manager? She stated that the other "rude girl" was the manager and she was the lead so "how could she help me?" I said nevermind and went down the isle. I knew that I would just have to handle this through Corporate. My friend in the phone told me that the Gorilla gel that I wanted was at another store.

So I put the Eco gel back and proceeds to leave the store. The security guard stepped in front of the door to prevent me from leaving. Now I'm livid. I told him to move and that I don't have to steal anything.

I have a good job that pays way more than their minimum wage working ***. The guard told me that everyone steals. I told him that he steals and The workers told me that I couldn't come back. Considering that I wanted to beat the *** out of all three of them, I have a child to raise and no time for jail trouble.

The guard moved out of my way and one of the workers said that I am "trespassing" with her ignorant ***.

Again, I've always gone to that store and NEVER had I experienced anything like this. I'm filing a complaint on the employees and security.

Review about: Sally Beauty Supply Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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