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I placed an order online - admittedly the USPS screwed up the order - but the response i got from SALLY was almost unbelievable. The customer service reps are very rude - and basically told me it wasnt their problem because the post office dropped the ball.

I was hung up on - when i called back i was told i would get a refund - and then they tried to not refund the money i paid for shipping. When i called back to get my refund for shipping/handling the agent basically said "i was petty because i was calling back to get my 6.00 shipping & handling. I have vowed to never shop there again and let everyone else know they are basically a bunch of hoods and ghetto girls. WARNING - NEVER ORDER FROM SALLY BEAUTY SUPPLY ONLINE.

You will regret it... I PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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That is ***. Get'em.

I'm quitting them, too.

What is going on? I feel like this has turned into a 3d world country where there is no honor and no order!


*** I wish I read this before I orderd

to Myrka Carrollton, Texas, United States #625897

I am so frustrated. I'm afraid the same thing is happening to me.

Why didn't I just order from Amazon? I'm so sad right now.

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