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I'm a professional stylist . I came in to get some blades honored from a website that had them for a lot less ., (which I usually get my blades this way ) well didn't work out like that the last time I came in ..

She told me it has to be on sale In order for us to honor it .. First time they told me that ! They had no problem before .. So I pulled up like 5 different sites on my cell phone and they said no way !

I really needed the blades but could not afford to buy at full price ..

This made me lose money cause I had to cancel some appointments huh .. Now I'm confused

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As a professional stylist your prices should really cover the cost of overhead such as supplies. If you are a licensed professional the products are offered at a discount to you.

Or you can buy from those websites that charge the lower price. Sally's will match a COMPETITORS price.

Websites that charge shipping are not a direct competitor of a B/M store. So I'm not sure how Sally's caused you to lose money

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